Rogue Double Mocha Porter

So this beer was a birthday gift from my friend Ken this year. We here at Beer and Comics like a lot of what Rogue makes, but I hadn’t had this one. So good choice Ken!

The Double Mocha Porter pours with a chocolatey head, deep brown color. It leaves serious lacing on the glass as you drink it.

There is a sweetness in the aroma – to the point that the bitterness in the flavor is quite surprising. There is plenty of chocolate malt, but its not nearly as sweet as that first whiff hits at.

You also won’t be surprised at the 8.2% – the alcohol is high enough that its flavor comes through fairly distinctly in the palate.

Also present is Pacman.

You may have noticed that there is often a distinct flavor that Rouge’s beers have. For years all of their beers have been brewed using exactly one strand of yeast. For its ability to continually devour malt sugars and sometimes create high-ABV beers (and perhaps for its friendly, lovable character), they dubbed it Pacman.

It strikes me as something that could very well be attributed to the water, but since Brian and I once brewed using Pacman and gained the very same character, I’m going to have to go ahead and attribute it to this fine strand of bacteria.

In that familiarity of flavor, this beer is no exception.

This is a really solid beer, worth a few bucks whether you find it in the bottle or on draft at your favorite beer bar.


3 Responses to “Rogue Double Mocha Porter”

  1. I’m not overly found of Rogue’s beers. They’re not bad, just not my thing. But I like mocha (and also coffee and chocolate) beers and porters so well …

    As far as Pacman goes, I do notice a lot of breweries do have a particular flavor, whether it’s through yeast or hops. As much as I love Dogfish Head, their beers all begin to taste the same after a while.

    But I guess there is something to be said for breweries having a particular character.

  2. yeast is a fungus, not a bacterium. just sayin’.

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