The Past Two Weeks

So I feel like I should mention a few things from my last two weeks of comics reading that I’ve somehow forgotten to bring up before.

the Sword #5The Sword. I love the Luna Brothers. The latest issue delves into how people perceive what’s going on with the titular Sword. Dara is captured by the government, and everyone is just as freaked out by her as you think they would be.

What I’m even more excited is the prospect of the next issue (or next several) actually giving the back story of the Sword and of Dara’s father, who may or may not have been several thousand years old when he was finally murdered.

Gotham Underground #5Gotham Underground. I’m starting to really like this book. They finally are giving some much-needed background on several characters, introducing a mystery villain (her face was replaced by a missing puzzle piece all issue), and exactly how Bane is playing his cards is starting to come to light. I guess this all makes sense now that we’re about halfway through the miniseries, but still. Oh, and I’m even starting to tolerate Matches Malone

Batman Confidential. Another solid story arch from this book. If you’re looking for a good jumping-on book, Confidential is still a good bet. Each arch lasts a few issues, and you don’t have to have any idea what’s going on within continuity. A new arch just started, so now’s a good time to pick it up.

Ultimate Human. Still going strong. I really hope Warren Ellis keeps up the pace on this miniseries. His computer crashed nearly a week ago, so here’s hoping that doesn’t put him too far behind. He seems to be doing okay with Freak Angels

Wolverine Origins. Deadpool still isn’t my favorite, but I liked this issue more than the last one. Please keep getting better, guys.

Iron Fist One-ShotThe Immortal Iron Fist one-shot. Subtitled “Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death”, its explaining Randall’s history with the Prince of Orphans, John Aman. This is now coming to bear in the main Iron Fist storyline, but this thing can stand alone as a revisiting of the classic character. Even a lot of the art is right out of the golden age. Oh, and Son of Frankenstein is in it. Awesome!

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